Camille Z



A lovely 8 yo bay mare by Cade Z that has been turning heads when competing at shows.


A very exciting prospect and this is Barry's favourite

Double clear and placed in the main ring at Hickstead in 5yo 6yo and 7/8 yo Champs.


Stepped up to 1.45m classes in 2016 which is so scary to watch.

Fine Fleur


Gorgeous talented 6yo mare by Zavall VDL out of a Nassau mare.

Again bought unbroken from Brightwells as a 3yo.

Simply amazing XC and has exceeded all expectations.  Competed at Novice Champs at Gatcombe and finished 4th in her first CCI* at Hartpury.


Viktor Krum

6yo gelding by Graf Top out of a Raphael mare. Bought at Brightwells as an unbroken 3yo.

Viktor has had a very successful season with a win at Aston (Nov) and finishing off with another lovely double clear for a top ten place at Firle CIC*.

He is a super smart showjumper too, and already has his first winners rug from Hickstead (foxhunters)

George Weasley


Bernini x Lupicor gelding. Bought out of the field (literally) in Holland in late 2014 unbroken, some may say feral!

5yo now, growing up fast and turning heads at the young horse classes in 2016.


Quite an easy name choice as a ginger.

Ludo Bagman


Bought out of the field (literally) in Holland in late 2014 unbroken, some may say feral

Now 5yo, and growing up fast. He is a real gentle giant and has a heck of a lot of jump.  Nothing is too big, and he is a real XC machine, he really excels at that phase.

Horace Slughorn


4yo gelding (Durrant X Lancelot). Bought unbroken from Stal Schep.

Horace has had an amazing first season, finishing second in the Badminton BYEH class and qualifying for 4yo final at Burghley. Not a bad couple of venues for your CV.

Helga Hufflepuff


A 4yo mare by Durrant out of a Indoctro mare.

Another unbroken 3yo purchase from Stal Schep in NL.

Barry has stolen her from the competition horses for his own and they finished top ten in the Gatcombe BYEH class.

Ulana B ​and Lily Potter


Luna to her friends, is more of a showjumper than an eventer.


Competed at Foxhunter level. Finished 2nd at Windsor 2014 in Pony Club class. In 2015 she has been put into foal and we now have a beautiful foal, Lily, born in May 2016. Fingers crossed she will be as talented as her mum!

Sergeant Pepper


Affectionately known as Ringo.


Now 3yo by Peppermill out of our own No Limits mare.


Charlie Weasley and Remus Lupin


A couple of yearlings. Charlie is by Luidam out of our own mare by No Limits, and Lupin is by Diarado.

I'm Blue


Known at Belle or Babybel.


Born in 2013.  By Plot Blue, out of Electro mare.


Bought at Brightwells auction in 2013.


Plot Blue is one of our favourite horses to watch, so we have always wanted one of his offspring

Naomi 55


Nici's own showjumper/eventer,

Nomie has an amazing jump and is very fast against the clock.

She is the 2015 JAS Open Final Champion and excels at hunt gatejumping competitions too! 

Excellent record of winning 1st place rugs at Hickstead as well.

Set in Gold


Stable name Magic.  A new addition to the yard in 2014. Even taller than Bollo, which is quite a feat in itself

8yo with a very sweet nature, again for Barry to compete.

Campaigning at BE100 level this year, and he has really got the hang of XC now.

Tambrook Suburban Knights


Stable name Storm.  He has been a great buy for Holly. He can do no wrong! In 2016 he has been to Windsor (finishing 3rd in uni teams), Hickstead (finishing 2nd in a class of 100) and double clears out eventing at Wellington, Wilton, Homme House and more.

Gotharo Van Het Broekxhof 

Affectionately known as Bollo as his real name is a bit of a mouthful.

10yo.  Competing at BE100 level. Big Belgian bay warmblood - Barry's eventer - a real gentle giant.

The best hack in the world! Often used for non-horsey friends who want a hack on the common.

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